Catherine Gill Studios


Life as an artist continues to be exciting, challenging, sometimes balanced and always fun. My energies all go into finding new ways to be creative in doing my artwork, teaching and marketing. My work space is my studio in the Georgetown area of Seattle. It is also all the many places that I go to paint and teach workshops. Working on location has a real depth of experience that expands my skills and my mind. My outdoor studio ranges from the park near my house, to the industrial area of Seattle where my studio is located, to the Cascade Mountains, which are less than an hour drive from my home. It also extends to China, Montana, Portland, Oregon and Italy. But it could also be out the car window.

I enjoy working on location. I like what happens with the ideas that are generated when I am out there. New shapes and marks and ideas develop. I might start in the fall standing in front of a forest and painting orange trees, but wind up realizing it is a refuge, that the small animals are starting to hunker down to survive, and the painting then becomes about safe places in hard times.

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